Close To Death I’m Afarid – Updates will be slim to none

Guess my computer is starting to die, won’t let me open my anti-virus I get pop ups saying scan complete no viruses and such.

My game lags that is hard to do anything, and crashes only have a few minutes of game play.

Just updated my graphics, card, ran defrag and everything a few days ago. It worked fine for like a day now its acting like its giving out and it takes objects forever to render in game.

Guess my 5 almost 6 year relationship with my computer is almost done. ):

Backing up saves and going to post what I have so far on my games.

Don’t know when, I’ll get to play again.


Generation 0 : Black Ice–Chapter 2


This was their fourth date in their secret spot, and this time as there faces got closer together and she looked into his eyes. Black Ice had no self control and maybe Chadberry knew that when he leaned in to give her a kiss.

For a split second, Black Ice was unsure of if she wanted it or not but as she looked into his eyes. She knew that she did, she knew that he was meant to kiss her.


Once he kissed her, they couldn’t stop there was so much passion between them. They couldn’t take their hands of each other, and slowly they both were on the ground and clothes were flying everywhere. Black Ice didn’t have a care in the world, and she didn’t think about the fact that she hadn’t gone to a doctor to get birth control yet.

After they were done, they lay together on the ground and for a second Black Ice thinks Chadberry is crying but she quickly put the thought out of her mind. Once they were once again dressed, Black Ice knew what she had to do.


Shyly she looked downwards before she started to speak.

“Chad, I think it’s the right time, will you be my boyfriend?”

Chadberry looked torn, more than likely remembering Agnes and pain seeped into her heart. She was his wife, and now he’s no longer in that world. He’s in yours she told herself.


Finally after what seemed like a eternity, Chad berry looked into her eyes and he had a small smile on his face. He took her hand in his.

“Of course, I would love nothing more.”

Pure happiness like she had never felt before exploded throughout her whole entire body.

“I’ve got to go though baby, got to be up early in the morning,” Chadberry said, he gave her a quick peck on the lips before he departed.

Black ice Decided to pick up a few seeds she had saw on her way in, one of which glowed red.


She sold the seeds on her way home, and then quickly climbed into bed and went to sleep as fast as she could dreaming of another day that she would get to see Chadberry.


When she awoke she found in the kitchen a oven and a counter had been placed they were in the color purple and a note was left on her kitchen table.

“Hey babe thought you could use these.”

The handwriting she recognized, for a split second she thought that mango had been the one to write the note but he was all the way in Cookie bay right?

She shrugged it off, and got a juice box because her stomach was feeling queasy. She then headed outside to tend to her growing apple seeds that she had planted a few days before hand.


As she watered the saplings, she could of sworn that she saw a orange sim run by. She told herself that of course there were orange berries in town and she was being paranoid. After she was finished tending to the olants, the wave of nausea that came over her was to much to handle.


She threw up outside on the grass, and when she went to go back inside she saw something through her kitchen window. A fire had started by the stove. She had no phone on her because her dress had no pockets.


As she stared helplessly into the window, the thought struck her. her phone was in the bedroom surely she could get in, grab it and come back outside but the door was stuck when she tried it.

As she stood there watching the house quickly burst into flames and by the time evening had rolled around and a fire truck happened by. It was gone, her house was gone, all that was left were a few pieces of carpet.


Even some of the grass was burnt away, she got $5,000 from the insurance which was fast and the fire men helped build a house, they used mostly what they could find at 24 hour thrift stores.


She thanked them, and by midnight she had a sort of safe place to sleep. She locked the front door before she laid down. Even if she could even get any sleep. Mango was here, and he knew she was to. This isn’t the first time he has set fire to a ex-mistress’s house.

That’s right Mango was married but he was still insanely obsessive over his side girls and if they ever tried to leave him there was a fire and most of them died in it. Since he was a cop, everyone looked the other way, but they had still tried to warn her.


Unsure of when she fell asleep Black Ice woke up in the middle of the night/morning to throw up. Afterword’s she felt some strange flutters in her stomach and she just knew. She was pregnant.


As she entered the only other room, she looked down at her stomach in wonder and her hands caressed her belly. The little flutters started going crazy and it calmed her.

She knew she should be even more scared now, because now her babies life was in danger and maybe even Chadberry’s. Wait, maybe if Mango saw her out in public with Chadberry he would leave her alone.

She ran out to the thrift store and bought some maternity clothes and they let her change right there in the bathroom. When she was done, she called Chadberry and asked him to meet her at the summer festival.


As soon as she saw his face, she felt safe. She felt okay, and my god he had the most beautiful eyes. She wondered what would happen when she told him about the baby? What would happen if she told him the truth about herself?

She took a deep breath, and readied herself for what she had to say.


“Chadberry, I’m pregnant.”

She could feel her heart stop and worry flooded through her body. What if he didn’t want the baby? What if he didn’t want to get married and have a family? She had only known this man for maybe a week and now she was having a child with him.


“YAY, I’m so happy. I hope it’s a girl!” His smile was so beautiful, it faltered for a second but came right back. Then she remembered that he had mentioned having children with Agnes, he must have thought of them.

She wasn’t going to let this ruin her day.


The rest of the day was amazing, she had a amazing time with Chadberry they took a greeting card picture, had a picnic and even watched the fire works light the night sky.

Chadberry followed her home, and even though she knew it was to soon as he stood in her kitchen she got down on one knee and prayed that he would be okay with this.


“Chadberry, I know that this may seem fast, heck it is fast but I love you and I want us to be a real family four our baby. Will you marry me?”

She had never been so nervous in her life, as she looked up into his face and waited for a answer.


As she slid the ring on his finger, she knew that he would do anything for her, that he did love her and that he did love their child.


He left soon after that, locking the door behind him. Black Ice then took some cereal out of the fridge and quickly ate it before she went to bed.

Now she had seen how fast sim pregnancies go, but she could swore that she was to big to fast. That morning when she had woke up, she felt like she had swallowed a whole watermelon and looked that way to.


She hurried into the bath, and when she was finished she went outside. She had heard noises outside last night and she almost thought that someone tried to come in but she had chalked it up to her imagination.


Someone had kicked over her trash can and thrown the garbage that was inside it all over the ground. It had to be Mango, oh well after tonight she would have Chadberry living with her and he wouldn’t dare mess with them then would be?

That’s right they were getting married tonight, 3 days before their child was due. After Black Ice cleaned up the mess she went to the beach so they could go ahead and deliver the food for the buffed and so she could make some tofu dogs for Chadberry.


It was almost time for the wedding when the tofu dogs were done, she set him on the picnic table and headed into the bathroom to change in her dress.

After she changed lots of guests arrived, and then it was time for the wedding but Chadberry wasn’t there. She waited and waited.

Anguish filled her heart, and she was going to sit on a lawn chair to wait for him when some little thing decided to inform her of why she was being stood up.


“He doesn’t want children, He doesn’t want a wife. What he wants is Agnes and his real children honey. He pines for this other life, all you are is some berry who tricked him into all this and your child is worthless.” Tulip shouted at me.


Black Ice wiped the tears from her eyes, and ran over to the eating area to collect the food she had made and paid for to take home with her. That’s when a extreme pain, filled her belly and water trickled down her leg. She felt faint, no this was all wring, she wasn’t due for three more days.

She rushed to the hospital, hoping that everything would be okay.

Black Ice found herself thinking, where was Chadberry? She hoped they could reach him at the hospital she knew that he had to be a good reason for ditching her on their wedding day.

—————————————————————-Authors Notes & Extra’s

I have a mod installed that makes sim pregnancy 6 days long. since most OBGYNS will tell you that a human is pregnant for basically 10 months when going back to the day of your last period to your due date. I divided 10 with 6, and got 1.6 so each day a sim is pregnant is 1.6 months.  – That’s why Black Ice is so worried about having her baby three days early.

Where is Chadberry?

That’s the next chapter.

Till then here are some extras.


Generation 0: Black Ice -Chapter 1

Black Ice didn’t know anything about the town around her, Moonpie Falls. She had chosen the town for one reason only it wasn’t well known and that would work to her advantage.


Black Ice was on the run from a very powerful, very controlling boyfriend. She remembered the day that she met Mango it was the first day of senior year and after school she went to the library to study and of course the first thing that caught her attention was a older boy. He had been tall, orange and what she thought was perfection. She didn’t know at the time that he was a cop or that he was insanely jealous and possessive.

Her parents feared for her life, and they took what little money they had laying around the house ($16,000) and the bought a plane ticket under the fake name Black Ice Crush from a airport 10 towns over and a plot of land and built a small house. She could never contact her family again and she could never go by her real name again.


The house was empty, except for a fridge, a chair and a sleeping bag.

Curtains hung on the windows, and there was carpet and wallpaper.

It had to have been her mother to buy curtains and wallpaper instead of things.



Black Ice was unsure what to do now, she could go explore town but she wasn’t ready for that yet, she needed a job so she sat in her chair and waited patiently for the newspaper boy to bring the paper.

Once he arrived she looked patiently though the job ads and saw one that caught her eye “Fortune Teller” she called and was told to meet at the Gypsy Trailer around 3 on Monday. After that she decided to head to the park, and look around.

When she arrived the first sim, she saw was a male and colorless. She decided to talk to him, and see how long he had been in town.


His name was Chan Lace, he said he was married and walked off stating he was not looking for a side chick.

Whatever that was suppose to mean, as she walked around the park she saw other sims but they were all paired off. Finally she saw another male sim running .


{Berry-ifyed Chad Creeper who you can find HERE along with his legacy.]

Ice decides to go talk to the man.

“Hello, sorry to interrupt you sir, but I’m new to town. My name is Black Ice Crush.” Ice spoke quietly.

Even though she spoke so quietly, the man turned around to face her, and he looked so familiar but she couldn’t quite put her hand on it.


“Hello pretty lady I’m Chadberry Creeper, here to creep on you.”

“Um.. that’s nice. How long have you lived here Chadberry?”

“Don’t know last thing I remember, I was vanilla, living with Agnes and our kids. Then I went to fix the dishwasher and died.”

“That’s interesting, I just moved here from Cookie Bay.”

Black Ice and Chadberry are hitting it off so well, and they were talking for a good long while before Chadberry did what he did best flirt.

“I got something for ya.” Chadberry grinned at Ice.



Black Ice took the flowers, and grinned at Chadberry.

“Thank you so much!”


“You’re the most beautiful berry sim, I’ve ever laid my eyes on Miss.”

“Oh Chadberry your so sweet.”


“I have someplace I want to show you, wanna come?” Chadberry asked, while he grinned at Ice.


It was dark before they arrived at Pie Falls.


“Would you like to watch the stars next to this waterfall?” Chadberry asked me.

“Okay.” I don’t know what it was about it him, but he was seriously winning me over so fast.

I knew I wasn’t ready for anything serious, but it was okay to just be friends right? There was something about him, that gave me butterflies and made me want to smile at very possible moment.





Ice felt amazing when she went home, in the morning she was suppose to sneak into her one friend in towns studio to get a free hair cut and clothes to help her escape from Mango. The only thing was Raz couldn’t make it because of some illness she had contracted. She had the keys to sneak into the place but it just felt so wrong. She felt at top of the world after hanging out with Chadberry and slept peacefully in her sleeping bag that night.


The next morning Black Ice woke up early, she still felt amazing as she ate some cereal in her one and only chair and thought about the upcoming day. Her first day at work, it was going to be amazing. She hurried getting dressed, and headed to the stuido while it was still kind of dark outside. Once she arrived she went to the back entrance and slowiy put the spare key and the lock and the door swung open. She looked all around to make sure no one saw her and hurried inside and into the red room which was Razberry’s

she stood there and looked at herself in the mirror for the last time.


I did my own hair, I cut it and straightened it. I then picked out some clothes from the choices that Raz had left me and I thought I looked okay. I snuck out the front this time and stood there for a good minute. I also picked out a pair of glasses to wear, to help hide my identity further. I took my contacts out and threw them in the trash before I headed to the gyspy  trailer for work.


I changed quickly at in the restroom at the park on my way over so I could look the best. I spent the day learning how to tell fortunes from my mentor obviously it was a load of crap but people spent so much money on it. Up to $200 if you could draw them in enough. I did one reading and it honestly turned out horrible. I was still given $80 base pay and headed home.. with a quick detour to the fire department to use their showers. I ate some leftovers off the counter and hurried home before they got back from whatever fire they were putting off.

I had the day off tuesday, so I headed to the beach for a morning swim and to collect any items that may be worth selling or eating around.


Black Ice managed to find some wolfsbane which got her $30, she used the money to buy a candle to help light up her house. She felt like things were ok, that she was safe. Things were getting better and she was so happy to be here in this moment on the beach after a good morning swim.


Author’s notes & Extras

I don’t really have any notes just that is amazing to be able to use my phone as internet and get back into writing. I’m working harder on this story because I’ve been playing with Black Ice before she was Black Ice, I’ve recololred her so many times. This time I made some changes to her but I think its going to be good time.

I’ve thought about doing one of those 50 lives challenges or whatever with her.

Here are some extra pictures from this chaper.